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dry stone design & build

the designs that we bring to life at Tall Grass are inspired by the natural world around us, and the connections and interactions we share with the outdoors. our mission through this design-build process is to nurture people's connection to the earth, to themselves, and to others through immersive outdoor spaces, structures, and experiences. 

what we love about the design & build experience: 

  • the process: during our design-build process we start with a guided creative consultation where we explore words, experiences, and stories focused on your connection to the land where this piece will live, and the life that will surround it. we incorporate this insight into the final installation.

  • the final installation: this stonework becomes part of your legacy, a part of your story, a personalized symbol of stillness and connection that you can visit as often as you wish. a feeling to share with the special people in your life. a well-built structure and space that will be around for a long time, continuing to tell your story, and embodying new stories–providing future moments of calm, stillness, presence, wonder, and awe.


who this is for 

  • you're interested in having a one-of-a-kind, intentionally designed dry stone outdoor space/installation that reflects your personal connection to the land where this creation will live

  • you're feeling drawn to having your own personal outdoor experience that provides space from every day busyness, and invites inspired moments

  • you're inspired by the beauty and grounding feelings of natural stone and dry stone structures 

  • you're curious about the possibilities of what to do with the many stones on the land where you live  

  • you have a favorite special stone (or stones) that you'd love to highlight/feature in a design 

an overview of our design & build process:


site analysis

design & build

we meet in-person at the site of your potential project to discuss your needs and creative ideas, learn a little about each other, and get a vibe check

we walk your property to determine the project footprint, assess environmental factors (e.g. soil quality, drainage, sun exposure, how the space is currently being used) and identify any stone on property that you’d like to use

Tall Grass proposes a design plan based on all of the information we’ve gathered. we refine our plan with you until we’re all excited about it, and then we get the build started





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