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gathering wall

Named for the numerous different types of stone that were gathered and used in the build, many of which were salvaged one at a time from various locations. And also for the type of space it created–for people to gather and share time together–for a morning cup of coffee, a celebration, an evening spent watching the moon and the stars–whichever kind of gathering, big or small, that feels right for the moment.


Maria hosts weddings, events, and garden tours at her wildly beautiful and whimsical property in Hinesburg, VT. Much of her property is hay fields, and when the wind is blowing the hay in long waves, looking out over these fields has a warming, soothing effect. The wind can also be strong at times, so Maria wanted a wall that would both invite guests to gather around a firepit in her field and offer a wind break in tandem. With all of this in mind, we wanted to create a harmonious design that was a blend of open space and shelter. When the creative development of the Gathering Wall began, it was the rhythmic movement of the wind moving through the open fields that inspired the look and feel of this wall–a sweeping curve that mimics the patterns of air currents while also tucking you into a protected welcoming space, alongside plantlings incorporated into the capstones. And whether the sky is calm or moody, the seating within the wall offers scenic views from all angles.

This was a Tall Grass design, built with the amazingly skilled Jamie Masefield, who pushed through cold and wild weather to help finish this wall in time for a wedding in 2023. We couldn’t have done it in time without him.


Location: Hinesburg, VT

Materials used: phyllite, local field stone

Dimensions: 100' x 7' x 3'

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