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easy on you

Easy On You was an installation inspired by the landscape, artifacts, and message behind Marcie Hernandez's music video
Easy On Me. The installation combines environmental and projection art and was designed to provide a space to reflect and share. 

Created with 800 lbs of phyllite and limestone, the stonework features a series of cairns alongside a central "stone seed." The seed symbolizes our intentions, the power that they hold, and the growth and bloom that follows our initial determination. With Easy On You, the stone sculptures provide physical spaces to plant your seeds of intention—handwritten by you on paper and folded carefully into fans—that foster self-love and acceptance, guided by the question: what is one small way I can be easier on myself?

Location: Flynndog Gallery, Burlington, VT

Materials used: phyllite, limestone

Music Video: Easy On Me by Marcie Hernandez

Projection Art: by Vanish Works, an experience design studio whose work combines technology, history, and science

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